no one is left behind and no one is forgotten


As part of an honored tradition, upon returning from battle, Marine units always conduct a formal memorial service at Camp Pendleton for their fallen brothers and sisters and for their families. This is the fulfillment of the Marine promise that "no one is left behind and no one is forgotten."  These services, held at the unit's home location, are both beautiful and heartbreaking. These locations become a very special place of remembrance and reflection for the Marines and their families and provide a tranquil setting to gather together, to grieve and to commemorate the loss of their loved ones.

In recognition of the service and sacrifice of the 11th Marine Regiment, we want to establish a special place at Las Pulgas specifically designed to honor the proud history of these Marines and Sailors and to serve as a special place of reflection and celebration.



To find, organize and work together with a team to raise donations that will support the construction of a “Ceremonial Garden” area  at Camp Las Pulgas aboard Camp Pendleton. This garden will be located between the chapel and Fiddler's Green at Las Pulgas and it will be a serene place to recognize and honor the Marines and Sailors of 11th Marines along with the Regiment's proud history. It will be a quiet venue for veterans, families, and friends to gather and remember their Marines and Sailors, especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in past combat.

The Ceremonial Garden will also serve as a celebratory site for promotions, award ceremonies, re-enlistments, and retirements, as well as a special place to honor all of our Cannon Cocker veterans. 

Our concept includes a two-tired plaza large enough for formations and visitors, unit emblems and signage to commemorate our veterans and the battles they fought, surrounded by a landscape of native plants and trees. 



Our goal is to build the Ceremonial Garden with supporters & believers of our vision.  We are looking for sponsors, major donors, and in-kind donations of supplies, skills and labor to build the main plaza, walkway and entry as depicted in our rendering.  Cash money provides us with the most flexibility, but we need skilled labor for dirt grading, concrete forming and pouring, plus trees and plants and many other items too. 

The Friends of the 11th Marines desire to complete the garden by January 3, 2018, our 100th Birthday of the 11th Marines.


the plans

The Grand Entry

The Grand Entry to the 11th Marine Ceremonial gardens was designed to be bold like the men who serve under this battalion. Showcasing the weapons the Marines used in battle with an arch depicting the unity and bridge building all Marines carry with them on and off the battle field. Entering through this arch will take visitors into the Wall of Honor and Ceremonial Garden. 

The Wall of Honor and Ceremonial Garden

The Marines and Sailors of the 11th Marine Regiment have served our nation courageously for nearly 100 years.  They have answered the call of duty and served in operations, crises, and actions around the globe, to include WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Operations Desert Storm, Restore Hope, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and many others.  The 11th Marines Ceremonial Garden Wall of Honor will recognize the brave service of all Cannon Cocker veterans along with the batteries and battalions that they served in.

The Ceremonial Garden will be a serene and beautiful place for families and friends to visit their loved ones.  A place to reflect and remember them.  It will also be a celebratory place where the 11th Marines will join together for promotions and retirement and ceremonies to honor all ‘Cannon Cocker’ veterans. 


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